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The Telematix Institute is your source for SCADA training ...

Introducing The Telematix Institute

Telematix is a world-class provider of instructor-led technical training in the area of SCADA and industrial networks. In recent years, the important dimensions of this field have expanded to include a vital focus on security in the infrastructure, and to embrace an increased dependency on wireless technology. Our training programs cater to a variety of learning needs and perspectives in this fascinating field.

We offer five unique SCADA training courses

Please review our SCADA and Industrial Networks Curriculum catalog for descriptions of our training programs.

Course schedule

We invite you to review our public training calendar.

In addition to these public courses, we frequently provide our training as private sessions -- typically when there are a small number of employees with similar learning needs.

Additional Information and How to Register:

We would be pleased to welcome you to one of our publicly scheduled sessions. Alternatively, we would like to offer you a no-obligation proposal for a private session of a SCADA training course.

You will likely have questions about our training courses -- perhaps including an interest in knowing more about content details, questions about fees and how to register or to determine the feasibility of having a course program customized to suit your specific needs.

Please give us a call -- or drop us a note to discuss any questions you may have.